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Mobile Web & Early Web - Pretty similar, performance-wise

Mobile is a revolution that is changing the entire world. It is also very interesting to realize how, in many performance-related ways, it's so similar to the early web. History does repeat itself, with some nuances.

Early Web:


As with the early web, with mobile you:

As with the early web, I believe that the mobile status quo will also change with time. Fortunately, those early web lessons (more on that on another post) are there to be leveraged. Generally, we are always talking about distributed systems after all.

For those of you who will tell me that mobile and early web are not the same: they are not. I'm just saying that they have many important similarities, from a performance perspective. And they are totally different beasts from a business perspective. Mobile is an extension of yourself, so you have even lower tolerance for unresponsiveness. The desktop will never manage to be that.

"Pure" mobile web isn't there yet. But it will. The advantages are just to compelling (a theme for another post... someday... maybe). I firmly believe in that, as I believed that the Web would overtake Desktop apps. In the mean time, hybrid is the best option for many scenarios. My employer, OutSystems, has a nice paper on that. It's obviously (slightly) biased but it's very informative and easy to read.

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